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About Apollo Sport

Why Apollo Sport

Apollo Sports is a direct response to the lackluster active wear athletes have to choose from when it comes to showing individuality while working out or being active.

Everything out on the market right now is plain and ordinary, you’re stuck in the “you have no choice but to buy” mindset.  It’s very rare you find workout clothes that set you apart from the rest and show your personality.

We realized that there is a massively undeserved market of athletes who want a pop of color in their workout gear, colors that stand out a little bit but aren't overly gaudy. If you like a little bit of color, energy and pop in everything you do then look no further than Apollo Sport.

Our first product "Bro Shorts" was created from direct experience of being sick of having boxers ride up while working out.

Wearing boxers underneath your shorts simply doesn't cut it, the cotton rides up and creates an uncomfortable wedgie while trying to be active. Faced with this problem we ended up buying workout tights and shorts separately, and then had to color coordinate, wash 2x the amount and make sure the fit on both were correct. 

Our products are designed to be functional without sacrificing style. Designed with all the functionality necessary to have the best work out of your life. Our top selling "Apollo Shorts Series" It has a sleek eye catching design, Spandex inner material with outer spandex mesh, and embroidered logo design for the ultimate stylish workout look.

It’s hard to find style and functionality for athletes when it comes to active wear but we have done it with our first piece and will continue to do it moving forward. Our products are battle tested and comfortable and designed by the pros made for you. 

Our pieces are perfect for MMA conditioning, lifting and body building, running, hiking, biking, Yoga, Pickup-Basketball, Football, ETC. 

Our mission is to design and develop pieces that make you feel good, look good and perform good.